What Are People Saying?

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Annelise’s services to any woman wanting to own her voice and be a better public speaker. She’ll put me out of a job soon and I couldn’t be prouder!”

Sally Prosser

Voice Coach

“I was raving about you on instagram! I had no idea
how many hang ups I was repressing and how they
were affecting my voice. I’m so glad I made this
investment in myself!!”

Cat Shanu

CEO of The Femme Guide

“In only 90 minutes Annelise not only got to the root cause of my public speaking fears, but she gave me the tools to smash my limiting beliefs and speak with confidence. In fact, in my presentation I secured a national account for my company! Highly recommend for anyone wanting to take their speaking skills to the next level.”

Sarah Connelly

Director of Tapped In

“Honestly, I don’t know what I did before we met! Annelise is a true professional and exceptional coach. The skills she has taught me have proven to be invaluable in all areas of my life.”

Margo Waldie

Director of Business Development
Dart Entities

“I found Annelise’s sessions a lot of fun even though I tend to dislike public speaking! Her tips and strategies were immensely valuable and I recommend to anyone who feels they want to improve their speaking skills”

Victoria Brown

Strategic Planning Student
The Miami Ad School

“Such an engaging, vibrant, and empowering speaker! Annelise recently spoke as a guest expert for a masterclass we were running for our members. Her passion, authenticity, openness in sharing her story, and ability to give practical insights were incredibly engaging and added a tonne of value to our event. I’d highly recommend Annelise to any organisation looking to upskill and develop their leaders – especially when it comes to the topic of public speaking.”

Declan Edwards

Director – BU Coaching

“Working with Annelise was a breath of fresh air. She has an authentic and believable manner and avoids the corporate clichés.”

Jaimie Johnstone

Stardust Publications

“I have progressed so much just from 5 sessions. My whole mindset has changed and my perception of myself has improved majorly. I am now able to use the powerful voice that I didn’t think I had!”

Sophie Bell

Social Media and Events Officer
Agri Aware

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